Emergent Church

It's Roots


The Emergent (Emerging) Church started as a response/reaction to the institutionalization and pragmatism of "evangelicalism" at the end of the last millennium and the beginning of the new. It was fairly quickly exposed, by those outside of it, as a new kind of post-modern liberalism with a faulty emphasis on a kind of liberation/kingdom theology as advanced by men like Brian McLaren in "The Secret Message of Jesus." The lack of influence has not diminished, nor will the leaders fade away, even though it has purposely failed to "define" itself internally. That lack of definition, for the emergent, is a badge of honor. And, for the emergent, "clarity" is, evidently, the unpardonable sin. It soon began to steer its' course into a mystical/contemplative journey as evidenced here:
Catholic Mysticism and the Emergent Church Reexamined - By Richard Bennett (video)

Links for further study:
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Theological Studies
Contemporary Concerns
Deception in the Visible Church