Sheldon Articles

Below are some articles written by the author of this website David Sheldon (as well as his daughter, Kerri Sheldon). The articles vary from critiques on books that claim to be Christian, deceptive movements within the visible church, and Biblical studies.

Mythical Creator - By Kerri Sheldon
(A review of Captivating by John & Stasi Eldridge)

A review of Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster - By David Sheldon

Passivity at the Hands of Antichrist - By David Sheldon
(Re: Biblical Discernment)

Importance of Discernment - By David Sheldon
(Re: Biblical Discernment)

Is the Antichrist Revealed Before the Tribulation? - By David Sheldon
(A study on the book of Daniel and Revelation and 2 Thessalonians 2)

Mystery Babylon - By David Sheldon
When The Fallen Image is Everything - By David Sheldon
(Re: End-times)

A Critique of Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (Part 1) - By David Sheldon
A Critique of Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (Part 2) - By David Sheldon

Romantic Panentheism Categorized as Children's Christian Literature - By Kerri Sheldon
(A review of The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones)

That "Clear" Word - By David Sheldon
(A reveiw of The Last Word by NT Wright)

A Purpose-Shaped Worldview (Chapters 1-7) - By David Sheldon
God's Wisdom - By David Sheldon
The Jesus Who Stood At A Fork In The Road - By David Sheldon
40 Days That Start with a Different Gospel - By David Sheldon
(Reviews on The Purpose-DrivenŽ Life by Rick Warren)

Humanism - By David Sheldon
(A review of Self-Esteem: The New Reformation by Robert Schuller)

The "Jesus" of Signs & Wonders - By David Sheldon
(Re: The Signs & Wonders Movement)

River of Seducing Spirits - By David Sheldon
(Re: Spiritual Formations/Contemplative/Mysticism)

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Contemporary Concerns
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