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Word-Faith Movement: Conclusions & Links

The Word-Faith Movement has its deepest roots in both the Latter Rain Movement which came out of the Assemblies of God in 1948 & the ministry-teachings of William Branham and E.W. Kenyon. In many ways its' basic philosophy is most easily defined as a "mind science" type cult. By that we mean it teaches there are universal laws which God has put into place. Those laws are available and useful to anyone who wishes to "tap into" those laws. The "believer" thus takes and plays the role of "god" who has supposedly created and subjected even himself to those same laws. This is idolatry! Its' theology has evolved over the years and the seeds of Word-Faith Theology can be found today in other movements as well.

The fruit of this movement is a wide range of specially named false doctrines that may be categorized as follows:

Over-Realized Eschatological Kingdom – We can (supposedly) have the fullness of God's future kingdom in our present situation without Jesus Christ. The initial "dominion" teachings have evolved into this familiar defined system:
1. Kingdom Now Theology

Extra-Spiritual Class of Remnant Believers – Only those initiated with these "believers" get to experience the benefits of that present kingdom.
1. Manifest Sons of God
2. New Breed
3. Joel's Army

Gnostic Belief Structure – Only those baptized by the fire/spirit have the spiritual anointing and wisdom and insight to participate in this movement because they are the ones to really see what the Bible is saying. A "gnosis" or special knowing is necessary. (Not to strictly be equated with 1st -3rd century Gnosticism, but there are certain similarities).
1. Revelation Knowledge
2. Positive Confession
3. Name-It and Claim-It
4. Prosperity Theology

Super-Spiritual Class of Leaders – Only those with "extra-special anointing" get to be the leaders of this new apostolic breed. (Just like Adam and Jesus were "special").
1. Adam as God-Incarnate
2. Born-Again Jesus
3. Super-Apostles/God's Anointed

Dualistic Theology – They have a belief structure which undercuts the sovereign nature of the God of the Scriptures. This leads to placing the adherents into an on-going false spiritual struggle between the God of the Bible and Satan with the "believer" critically involved in the "present middle" with and for the actual success of the former against the later. We see this especially played out in their false spiritual warfare teachings. Their gnostic belief structure takes them to this dualistic thinking as well.

If you are a part of this pseudo-Christian cult get out as fast as you can. Repent and trust the Lord Jesus Christ of the Holy Scriptures as your Lord and Savior. Maybe you already have done that and have inadvertently been caught up in this movement. Repent. Ask God for wisdom on what to do and how to expose the false doctrines and help others out of this movement.

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